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Five Reasons to Become a Certified Business Analyst

The field of business analysis is growing in popularity year by year and companies are looking for top-notch experienced business analysts. Many of the best business analysts have sought out industry certification. The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is an independent non-profit professional association that provides business analysis certification. IIBA® provides two distinct professional business analyst certifications: Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA®) and Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®). Depending on your level of business analysis experience, you may qualify for one of these certifications, but how do you know if certification is a good option for you?

Here are five good reasons to become a certified business analyst:

  1. Stand out in the job market – If you are currently looking for a new business analyst position, or plan to do so in the next couple years, professional certification can be a differentiator between you and other job seekers and can move your resume to the top of the pile.
  2. Round out your business analysis knowledge – There are many different facets to business analysis and you may only have experience in some of them. While studying for certification, you will learn many new concepts that you can apply to your daily BA work.
  3. Show your employer that you are growth-minded – In order to move up in your current job or be more marketable for future jobs, it is important to show a desire to keep growing and learning. Studying for and passing a certification exam will show that you are striving to enhance your skills.
  4. A sense of personal accomplishment - Sometimes it’s just important to have a goal and show yourself you can do it. A sense of personal accomplishment will give you self-confidence and make you more willing to travel outside of your comfort zone.
  5. Establish yourself as a “go to” person on your team – If you desire to be a leader on your work team, having an industry certification can help to establish your credibility. As you study the certification materials and after you pass the exam, you will have opportunities to bring up industry best practices with your teammates and try them out. Just be careful that you don’t get “preachy” about best practices. Remember that everyone handles change differently.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, it is a good time to look up the requirements for business analysis certification and see whether you can currently meet them. If not, you can easily put a plan together with steps to get there.

What Is Business Communication Worth?

What is business communication really worth to you and your professional service firm? Does it matter how well you communicate with your prospects, clients and customers? What about your staff – do they need quality communication, or can you rely on their proven abilities with clairvoyance?

These may seem like funny questions to ask, but you’d be surprised by the equally funny answers some people give. Business is built on relationships, and quality relationships hinge on quality communication. Business communication in its purest form translates directly to your bottom line.

Certainly the marketplace is crowded for any professional service firm, and competition is fierce. But savvy marketers understand the unprecedented level of opportunity available today. To survive and thrive in this environment, firms have to understand that the old ways of marketing simply won’t work anymore. The days of one-way communication, marketing hype and company-focused messages are long over. Business communication requires sincere dialog focused on the needs of the client.

Business Communication Means Reaching Out

There are specific methods you can use to keep the lines of business communication open with past clients and current prospects. Here are just a few tips for staying in touch and inviting dialog.

  • Send articles that relate to a client’s industry or specialty. Cut out and send the article with a note such as, “I thought you’d be interested in seeing this.”
  • Whenever a customer or their company is mentioned in a journal or article, use it as an opportunity to get in touch. Cut out the article, print out the web page, or simply send a handwritten note congratulating them on the publicity. Likewise when a company wins an award, send a congratulatory note to your contact.
  • Look for possible new areas of action in your specialty. Every time a legislature makes a move in your industry, you’ve got an excuse to make a contact with your client about it.

Tried and True Business Communication

When communicating with any of your business contacts, come up with a statement that clearly promotes your branded business philosophy. This statement needs to be focused, simple and easy to understand, and it must be woven into everything you do. Your statement must be written, spoken or understood in all communications including advertising, direct mail, public relations, phone greetings, business cards and letterhead, social media, websites, presentations, and any written or verbal client communication.

Of course, there’s more to it than just beating your branding drum. Electronic communication like email, cell phones and newsletters has definitely simplified staying in touch with your customers. But if you believe that electronic communications are the path to retaining clients and facilitating closing skills, you need to think again. Your clients and prospects will tell you that they value the one-on-one time that only an in-person meeting can give. There’s magic in the power of eye contact coupled with a handshake, and that is the best business communication of all. With so much riding on your bottom line, what is business communication really worth? The answer is, everything!

How To Make A Network Marketing Business Work

If you are considering starting a MLM business, there maybe a few questions you want answering. It is natural to have questions about any new business you are venturing into. There is a great deal of misconceptions about multi level marketing companies that people hold in their minds. This is not a get rich quick scheme; it is a professional business which enables you to earn extra cash while holding down a full-time or part-time job. After a period a time this can become your career once your network marketing income by passes your current income.

Below are some great tips:

1. Select your business sensibly – You should get answers to the following questions and choose the business once you are completely satisfied with the answers.

· The many years has the company has been active?

· Are products any good?

· What is their payment plan?

· Does the company have a good reputation?

· Is the company in Growth?

2. Be an excellent listener and an eager student – When you get in a multi level marketing business or any new opportunity, you should have an open mind and be ready to accept new things. If you are prepared to take massive action and pay attention to people who have actually succeeded in this business, you will dramatically improve the chances of succeeding. Nonetheless, many individuals have their own concepts of running their business or do not dedicate appropriate time in learning the techniques required to be successful. Such people will fail miserably in this business.

3. How supportive is your sponsor? – The way in which this business works is that a great deal of people have interest in your success, for that reason they will be happy to help you every step of the way. So if your sponsor does not share that interest you may struggle. Lots of newbie’s struggle to make any progress due to the fact that their sponsor does not have leadership qualities. Ensure your sponsor is the right individual to coach and guide you otherwise your possibilities of success can be seriously affected.

4. Will you be ready to train others? – Are you prepared to dedicate your time to train other members who are in your down-line? Do you have the persistence and inspiration to train them? Also support them whenever they need your help? A MLM business is about developing long-lasting relationships with people. So you shouldn’t be just excited about your success; you need to be interested in encouraging others as well because this is necessary for long-lasting success as well as lots of pass up sales.

5. Are you open to make use of the internet for your success? The key to success in network marketing is the follow-up. The internet has actually made connecting to possible customers and following them up a much easier task. A lot of network marketers use the internet to their benefit as it can automate a great deal of manual tasks. An effective marketer utilizes internet sites, e-mails, auto-responders, newsletters and online forums as marketing tools to draw traffic to their opportunity.